Malay-Sino Chemical Industries Sdn. Bhd. | CORPORATE PHILOSOPHY
Malay-Sino is leading chlor-alkali manufacture in Malaysia. Supply local and globally basic chemicals needs in variety of sectors.
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Our Mission

To  be the 1st  in  market  share  for  products  of  choice  in  the  market  place.

To  be the  lowest  cost  producer  and  supplier  of  basic  inorganic  chemicals  in  Malaysia.

Our Vision

Choose  to  be  the  undisputed  leader  in  our  chemical  field  of  choice

Our Quality  Policy

We are committed to produce our products consistently to meet required specifications and deliver to our customers on time in full. We place strong emphasis on service to our customers and prompt response to customers’ feedback. We will proactively cater to customers’ expectations and needs. We are committed to manufacture our products in compliance with all applicable rules and regulations. We strive to continually improve our processes and systems in our journey towards Operational Excellence.

In case of emergency, in Malaysia, contact us at 1-800-88-1989 (Northern),1-800-880-732 (East Coast), 07-2512491 (Southern)